Where is the best place to buy a used cargo bike?

If you are ready to ride your cargo bike to work, to pick up the kids or to run your business but simply don’t want to dish out full price, buying a used cargo bike can be a great alternative that will prove to be cost friendly.

Cargo bikes are growing in popularity, meaning that more of them are available in the second hand market as a greater number of brands and models emerge to choose from.

If you’re looking for reliable places to shop for discounted second hand cargo bikes, here’s a list of options you might like:

Facebook Marketplace

Shocker! Facebook marketplace is a great place to find used and second hand cargo bikes for sale in your area, you’d be surprised to find that Facebook Marketplace is one of the leading online marketplace’s in the world, coming close to Craigslist and other online platforms.

Xtracycle Ebike

If you’re looking to find a more curated diplay of inventory of both new and used cargobikes, xtracycle is the way to go. They’re located in Mill Valley, California but ship nationwide.

Website: xtracycle.com

Final Thoughts