What Is The Best Cargo Bike Model For Family? (Frontal or Longtail)

Reasons To Consider Frontal Cargo Bikes

  • kids can see better and are engaged in the ride. It’s easy to talk to them and they can give you directions. They get excited when they see fire trucks or their friends or whatever
  • the kids sit really low so the center of gravity of the bike is really low. This makes it really stable. It’s easier to track stand on my front loader than my single speed
  • it’s really useful for groceries and errands, including holding a week’s worth of groceries for our family
  • the rain covers are easy and super effective. kids/cargo stay 100% dry and your legs stay dry too.

That said there are a few drawbacks

  • heavier and therefore less transportable than a long tail.
  • kids will outgrow then sooner.

Reasons To Consider Longtail Cargo Bikes

  • the smaller form factor made it fit my garage
  • it rides more like a normal bike when there are no kids
  • it is easier to park in the city
  • it supports attaching a trailer when additional cargo space is needed

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