Simple Guide On How To Travel With A Cargo Bike

Here’s the scenario: You’re enjoying the summer and want to hop on a cargo bike to bike through different cities, towns and soak up the beautiful weather while being on a Cargo Bike… But how does one get started? What are some of the most important considerations?

Cargo Bikes Make Your Travel Much Easier

If you’re considering purchasing a cargo bike for travel, you’ll notice your logistics get much easier. You won’t need to pack things so tightly in small side bag compartments and will be able to bring a little more.

Can I bring a Cargo Bike on a plane?

Travelling with a cargo bike overseas can be very costly, and that is, if it’s even an option. If you’re looking to use your cargo bike plenty on your next trip consider rental or purchasing options once on site.

Although it isn’t unheard of, the costs of transporting your cargo bike might be so high it just makes more sense to rent once you’ve arrived at your destination.

 Are there any airlines that don’t make this a huge hassle?
Currently, no airline is offering a friendly invitation to helping you transport your cargo bike.

Can I ship my Cargo Bike Battery Overseas?

Shipping batteries is a very complicated affair, and most of the time, you won’t be able to get that done without much stress.

Key Considerations When Deciding To Travel With A Cargo Bike Or Renting On Site:

1. Destination Matters