Pros And Cons Of Buying A Cargo Bike

I’m weighing the pros and cons for myself and wanted to see if anyone else ran into these as well. So far the cons (for me) are outweighing the large expense of a cargo bike. In my head, I see it more as an aspirational purchase that may or may not be used as much as I imagine it being used while I drool over them online.


  • Cargo bikes are awesome, but we knew that already!
  • Would be a fun bike for solo errand trips around town
  • I like having a wide variety of bikes
  • It would reduce some car use and would be fine to get some larger items to and from work on occasion
  • Great bike to move other bikes around with when dropping them off for tune-ups or purchasing new bikes
  • n+1


  • It won’t replace my vehicle for the main reason that I like to gravel cycle and can’t add 20 miles each way when I want to go on gravel rides. Plus my wife needs to have a way to get around still when I’m gone for 8 hours. Just about everything else could be done with my wife’s Forester. I commute to work and when the weather is bad I am fortunate to be able to work from home most of the time.
  • My wife and I grocery shop together and she isn’t really that keen on biking with me to the store.
  • I don’t go on errands all that much these days and if I needed to I do have a bike trailer I have been testing out cargo bike life with. I used the trailer a couple of times a week when I was doing long distance with my wife but now we are back living together and I haven’t used it in over a month. The trailer is a little bit of a deterrence for me though since I have to get it out and attach it where a cargo bike would be grab and go.

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