Five Specialty Cargo Bikes Shops To Step Up Your Cycling Games This Summer

If you’re looking to try a state-of-the-art cargo bike this summer, then you’re in for a blast. Riding a cargo bike is both practical and fun and there are some incredible models available to you on the market right now.

First, cargo bikes come in a variety of styles and designs. There’s lots to choose from.

Five Specialty Cargo Bikes Shops Online



It was in 2005 that a group of parents started searching for the ideal cargo bike in the Netherlands. This was also the beginning of the Babboe cargo bike, as it seemed that the ideal cargo bike wasn’t yet available at that point in time.

Their website offers a wide range of family cargo bikes.


Tern Bikes


Yuba Bikes


Dutch Bikes


Reise & Mueller


Closing Thoughts

Buying a cargo bike online could be daunting but there are lots of great shops online offering high quality cargo bikes to buy. Whether you’re located in North American or the USA, there’s lots to choose from.