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Welcome to Bonjour Bicycle. I’m a cycling fan and love everything about city bikes, e bikes and cargo bikes.

I have been riding bicycles all my life and commute to work and school every day biking.

You might have stumbled upon my website as you are curious about a specific Cargo Bike question or simply trying to learn more about different cargo bikes offered on the market for research and purchasing.

So What Is A Cargo Bike Anyway?

Cargo bikes are bikes that are constructed to to carry and haul more than just the rider!

People use them as a great option to carry extra cargo, kids, pets, supplies and more! (You be the judge of what you’d like to carry!)

Cargo bikes can be used both in urban and countryside settings. Ride your cargo bike to work, to get stuff done, take their kids to school all while enjoying the exercise and outdoor movement.

Most of the time, cargo bikes are used to carry children, run errands, carrying pets, and for business purposes.