What Maintenance Is Usually Required For A Cargo Bike?

Once you have tasted life with a cargo bike, it becomes really tricky to do without, so you want to minimise the impact of being without it during regular maintenance or odd repairs. If at all possible choose a retailer nearest to you. It is the retailer that is responsible for handling any warranty issues and should also be carrying out your regular maintenance.

Typical warranty is one year on mechanical parts/ accessories and 3-5 years on frames and boxes. To keep your bike in good, safe and roadworthy condition, have your bike fully serviced once a year. Running costs typically are around £70-£100 a year which is considerably less than a family car even though a cargo bike serves the same purpose.

A well maintained cargo bike will retain about 50% of its value over a 4-5 years period. This, in our experience, is a typical lifespan of a cargo bike used by one family. A well known brand is easier to sell and will keeps its value.

We are running workshops for cargo bike owners to enable you to deal with basic repairs yourself, saving you money and time. Find out more here.

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