Should I Buy A Used Cargo Bike?

Cargo bikes were not very common in NYC ten years ago. Over the last decade things have changed, and now individuals are much more likely to see business and recreational cargo bikes on the street. Cargo bikes are built strong, and they are a very practical mode of transportation. Below, we will go over the top six reasons why individuals are choosing to ride cargo bikes.

  1. Modern cargo bikes can carry large loads. Bikes can be built to comfortably carry weights up to 200kg. Small electric motors can be added to bikes that will be continually carrying heavy loads. This motor will help maintain consistent speed and will help riders climb hills.
  2. Even though they are powered by human feet instead of an engine and horsepower, cargo bikes can be quicker than using cars and delivery vans. Traffic is not as bad for riders, and the same goes for parking. It is possible to get to and from places quicker on a cargo bike than in a car.
  3. By riding a cargo bike you are helping to reduce congestion, noise, and air pollution. Cars and trucks make a lot of noise and pollute the air, but cargo bikes do not.
  4. Across the board, cargo bikes are an inexpensive transportation method. Purchasing, maintenance, and fuel is all cheaper for bikes than for motorized vehicles.
  5. Anyone can ride a cargo bike. Most cargo bikes are tricycles, which makes riding very easy. A third wheel makes riding much more stable.
  6. In our modern, busy world it is easy for us to not be active enough for proper mental and physical health. Riding a bike is a great way to get in shape.

Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are great for individuals and businesses. We carry a full-line of cargo bikes for all riding needs.

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