Frequent Questions About Cargo Bikes

Are Cargo Bikes Hard to Ride?

If you can ride a normal bike, you can ride a cargo bike. The steering mechanism in the front of the cargo bike is designed for riders to smoothly transition from commuter biking. Like most new things, it does take some time to get used to the new vehicle, but overall, cargo bikes are as easy to ride as any other type of bicycle.

How much Cargo can a Cargo Bike hold?

The average cargo bike is measured to hold a total of 300 pounds, including the rider.  These man-powered vehicles are very strong and can transport anything from bricks to children.

Are kid safes on a Cargo bike?

Cycling with kids is an inherently dangerous activity, but so is driving with them. The road is an unpredictable place, but if you take the adequate safety precautions you can assure that your children have a better chance of riding safely. For example, children should always wear protective equipment and an approved bike helmet when riding as a passenger.

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