Can Students Ride A Cargo Bike To School?


Cargo bikes are a great way to commute to different places, run errands and more. So why not wonder if a cargo bike could be a good mode of transportation to and fro school for students?

Capable of carrying your belongings for the day and projects you’ve completed over the long weekend, riding a cargo bike to school and to practice might be a great alternative to driving or taking public transportation.

Top benefits of riding a cargo bike for students

Although cargo bikes are generally a few hundred dollars more expensive than a regular city bike, there might be some greater long term savings associated to riding your cargo bike to school on a daily basis.

You’ll get exercise in for the day

If you’re wondering how you could spare a half hour to exercise, your commute to school could count as one if you ride your cargo bike to class.

You’ll discover the city or town in a different light

Yes, there’s a chance you might be rained on and live the virtues of all the elements fully, but you will totally love the different views and feels you’ll get riding through the city!

Reduce Stress By Cycling To School

Riding your bike to school can be a great way to reduce stress before a busy day in class. There are lots of benefits to coupling commuting and exercise together, riding a cargo bike can be a great addition to your routine!

You’ll Skip The Traffic

Riding your Cargo bike to school or to work can help you beat the morning traffic. Imagine taking sneaky new little routes to school and skipping those traffic jams because you can wiggle through different routes!