Best Places To Park Your Cargo Bike In The City

If you’re out and about in the city and looking to park your cargo bike somewhere, you’ll suddenly find it’s not so obvious. Here are the best places to park your cargo bike when you’re running errands, going to school and getting things done in a bustling town.

1. At The Park Entrance

If you’re about to stop to a coffee shop, to school, to run errands and you’re by a park, park and tie up your bike by the entrance gates of a public park or garden. Chances are, lots of kids are riding their bikes, and there’s a fence waiting for you to hook up a chain to your cargo bike while you get things done!

2. Buddy up with the Scooters

If you’re riding your cargo bike in a scooter friendly city and find them park from time to time on street corners, then buddy up beside them. You can place your cargo bike horizontally along the parked scooters. Careful not to block or take their spots!

3. By The Public Library

There’s a chance you’ll get away with parking your cargo bike by the public library, because hey, you’re just trying to be productive and get some literature! You’ll often find bike parking racks near public libraries and museums, try to find a way to park your cargo bike discretely.